Thursday, 27 September 2007

'75a0fea7-8d3c-455d-89d3-4ece8739402d' error

If you've come accross this error before, you will realise there is NO help anyway. I came across it after doing a backup of a site and restoring it on a new farm. When you went to a site, and clicked Site Actions/Manage Content and Structure, you would have got the error:

Feature '75a0fea7-8d3c-455d-89d3-4ece8739402d' for list template '420' is not installed in this farm. The operation could not be completed.

After careful examination, we realised what the problem was. The original farm had the "Microsoft Application Core Template" installed. After installing it, the problem went away.


Jenn said...

This post was a huge help for me - thanks!

Truong said...

great post. i have same problem.
Thanks alot

Anonymous said...

This post solved my problem too - many thanks!