Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Partial Keyword Search/Wildcard Search Webpart part # 2

I have the web part working now! I will upload the code onces I've cleaned it up a bit, but it works. I still want to performance test it and modify the results. I'll modify it to work with the current search web parts in the future, but for now it writes to a data view and I am modifying it so you can specify the XSL through the web part task pane. If anyone knows how to add the "XSL Editor" to that pane, please let me know that way I don't have to spend time researching it.



Anonymous said...

Hello - could you please post your complete code for this webpart

Michael Boggs said...

Any updates on this?

Caique Zaniolo said...

Hey Fadi,
have you upload this web part yet?