Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SharePoint 2009 / WSS 4.0 / Office 14

Rumors of a new version of SharePoint/Office is already going around the net. From what I know, the beta is scheduled to be released in March 2009. Here's some features that are included:

  • Native AJAX and Silverlight support
  • More offline capabilities
  • Microsoft Office files HTML viewers (following the line of OWA and EWA)
  • Bi-directional BDC
  • Native support for SQL Server tables as SharePoint lists
  • Publishing module rewritten, to change the faulty Export / Import process
  • More Business Intelligence capabilities for MOSS, as PerformancePoint 2007 matures
  • Social networking improvements, maybe with Knowledge Management module included out-of-the-box

As soon as I know if there's any other features, I'll keep you posted. I know with SP2 of WSS3 there's a pre-upgrade checker as well as XSTL-based list view that will be available in WSS4.0.


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