Monday, 23 July 2007

Reporting Services not showing up in SharePoint Central Administration 2007

Several people have installed Reporting Services 2005 sp2, SharePoint 2007 and the RS Add-In for SharePoint. After configuring it, they realise that Reporting Services does not showing up in SharePoint Central Administration.

After carefully examing the system, and checking that it's all configured properply, I asked the simple question "did you use the same account to install the RS Add-In as you did to install Sharepoint?". I got a dumb look by the person I asked and they said "should it matter?".

The answer to that is in theory it shouldn't matter. Although in the Central Admin, the links weren't there, RS seems to be there and you could activate it as a Site Feature. But even if you activate it, it won't work as it hasn't been configured from Central Admin. So even though "in theory" it should work, it doesn't.

The easiest way to fix this is to un-install RS Add-in, log in to the server using the same account you used to install sharepoint, then re-install RS Add-in.