Monday, 27 August 2007

Pricing for SharePoint 2007

If you've ever wonders how much SharePoint will cost your organisation, here's a useful site:

After you choose your region, the product you are after and answer some questions about your organisation, you will get the details of pricing. Here is the pricing based on a 1,000 seat corporate deployment with Software Assurance, access to upgrades and internet access.

  • SharePoint 2007 Server - $11,572
  • SharePoint 2007 Server for Internet Access - $107,115 (AUD) - for hosting public websites. This license does not require Client Access Licenses (CALS)
  • Standard Client Access License - $243 (AUD)
  • Enterprise Client Access License - an additional $195 (AUD) - this provides access to the BDC, Excel Services and InfoPath web forms

If you have any questions regarding licencing and which licence is best for your organisation, either contact me or contact Microsoft.

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