Wednesday, 29 August 2007

SharePoint 2007 Maximum Limitations

The following is a list of names and other parameters with the maximum allowable size on each.

Entity Max Permissible Size
Site Name 128 characters
Site URL 255 characters
Display name 128 characters
Connection string 384 characters
Email address 128 characters
Version numbers 064 characters
Virtual Server Friendly Name 064 characters
SQL Database Name 123 characters
SQL Database Column 128 characters
SQL Database Table Name 128 characters
SQL Role Name 128 characters
Server Name 128 characters
Windows User Name 300 characters
Windows Password 300 characters
Dependencies per object 032 objects
Zone enumeration value 004 zones
Default SQL command timeout 300 seconds
Number of simultaneousworkflows that can be run* 015

If during your course of using the product, you inadvertently cross these limits, then you would end up with errors. These are hard limits.

* This is the maximum number of simultaneous workflows that can be in memory executing code. (NOTE: there is no limit to the number of workflow instances in progress in the database)

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